• Battered Mushrooms          w/Ranch dipping sauce
  • Fried Mozzarella Sticks      w/Marinara sauce
  • Fried Jalapeño Poppers     w/Cream cheese fill
  • Fried Green Beans               w/Ranch dipping sauce
  • Battered Onion Rings         w/BBQ dipping sauce
  • French Fries
  • Cheese Fries
  • Combo-Mix of Mushrooms, Mozz Sticks, Jalapeno Poppers, Onion  Rings (2)Sauces

Meat Appetizers

  • Chicken Tendersw/choice of dipping sauce
  • Fried Shrimp  w/Cocktail sauce & lemon
  • Fried Oystersw/Spicy-Remoillade sauce & lemon
  • All three selections above can be made into dinner Add addtl. $2.00 to size price (dinner includes French fries & Coleslaw)

Special Appetizers

  • Irish Bridie(2) Meat Filled Puff Pastries- Classic Irish Lunch Faire
  • Cornish Pastie (2) Meat & Potato, Peas, Carrot Filled Pastries
  • Basque Fries (2) Fried Eggs served over Fries w/Shredded Cheese
  • Irish Mill Wings (9) Xtra-Lrg Wings in a secret Buffalo Style sauce Served w/ Ranch or Blue cheese dressing
  • “33” Chili  – Award Winning3 Meats & 3 Beans w/ onions, shredded cheese & crackers  w/Fries
  • Homade Calzone(Veggie, Cheese, Sausage, Pepperoni) w/Fries
  • Irish Soda Bread (1/2) Loaf w/ Raisins, served w/ butter & jam


Sandwiches served w/ Fries, Cole slaw & Garnish

  • Mill Burger  w/ ½ lb Angus Patty & Cheese on a Rosen’s Onion Roll
  • Diamond Lake Burger   w/ Fried Egg, cheese on a Rosen’s Onion Roll
  • Zak Attack Burger   w/ (2) ½ lb Patties, Cheese, Grilled Onion & (2) Fried Eggs on Russian Marble Rye Bread
  • Corned Beef    w/ ½ lb C.Beef, Swiss Cheese on Russian Marble Rye Bread
  • Reuben  w/ ½ lb C. Beef, Saurkraut, Swiss Cheese, & 1000
  • Fried 100% Chicken Breast Sandwich    w/cheese on Rosen’s Onion Roll
  • Fried Egg Sandwich    w/ (3) Fried Eggs – Farm Fresh Free Range Eggs & Cheese & Garnish on Russian Marble Rye Bread L.T.O. & Cheese on Marble Rye Bread

Irish fare

  • Bangers w/Chips   (6) traditional Irish Pork & Beef Sausages served w/ Fries and Brown Gravy
  • Homemade Shepherd’s Pie  w/ Gr. Beef, Vegetables, Mashed Potato, Shredded Cheese, Gravy & Soda Bread
  • Bridie or Meat Pie w/Chips(2) Bridie or Cornish Meat Pie served w/ Fries & Brown Gravy
  • County Claire Irish Combo    w/ Shepherd’s Pie & (3) Bangers & Soda Bread
  • City of Dublin Combo            w/ Shepherd’s Pie & (1) Bridie & Soda Bread
  • County Cork Combo             w/ (6) Bangers, (1) Bridie, Fries & Gravy


Lake County’s Favorite Fish Fry
Served on Wednesday, Friday & Saturday
( w/ Fries, Coleslaw, Tartar Sauce & Lemon )

Fried Cod Dinner        Sm$9.00  Lrg $12.50

  • Fresh Icelandic Cod, in a Harp Beer batter

Incredible Cod Sandwich    $9.00

  • Harp Beer Battered Fresh Icelandic Cod Fillet w/ Lettuce, Tartar Sauce, on a Kaiser Roll