The Unicorn

The Unicorn never really plays much of a role in Irish lore – sorry.

As for the song…….

The song THE UNICORN was written by Shel Silverstein, a nice kid from New York that, as far as we know, had never been to Ireland prior to his death a few years ago.

Shel was creative, prolific and wrote many successful and excellent movies, songs and childern’s books. He was the author of other dandy tunes as well such as: Sombody Stole My Rib, and A Boy Named Sue.

The Unicorn was recorded by the Irish Rovers in 1971 and was a hit for a short time. This is probably the connection to the Irish.

Don’t get the wrong idea – we like the tune and it’s choreography and it is played often at the Mill. For those who have never seen the choreography, think of it as the Irish Chicken Dance.

The moves are complicated (when performed later in the evening :-) but you will pick up on them in time, so jump right in. We are in the process of locating a skematic of the moves so we can include it here but so far no luck. So in the mean time get out there and just do it!